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Amazing Facts of Cats You Never Imagined

Amazing Facts of Cats you would Never Imagined Today we have decided to talk something funny and quite intresting Yes CATS!!… Ever Wondered How different cats are To Be Honest i don’t think cats are from our planet, i would call cats as Alien creature for No doubt. The Domestic …

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Can you slove Elone Musk Favorite Riddle?

Can you solve Elone Musk Favorite Riddle? Elon Musk is known as the co-founder of PayPal and Tesla Motors. He’s often called the real life version of the comic book character “Iron Man.” A new authorized biography of him, Elone Musk is already listed as a best-seller on Amazon in pre-sales. …

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What does google’s url really mean? :)

Have you ever wondered when ever you type “” it redirects which may be similar to “” well what does it really mean?? here is the answer. It so happens when you use “” instead of country specific Google search page like “” If we expand, “gfe_rd=cr&ei=5WWPV-qcPKTv8weBiZygBQ&gws_rd=ssl” gfe – Google Front-End rd – …

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