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Hey folks! I'm Rohan, I'm a blogger and musician! Music is my life where as blogging is my passion. Here I share my best knowledge about the things I know . Do subscribe to my blog and like @pantomath page to get more updates.

What does google’s url really mean? :)

Have you ever wondered when ever you type¬†“www.google.com” it redirects which may be¬†similar¬†to “https://www.google.co.in/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=5WWPV-qcPKTv8weBiZygBQ&gws_rd=ssl” well what does it really mean?? here is the answer. It so happens when you use “google.com” instead of country specific Google search page like “google.co.in” If we expand, “gfe_rd=cr&ei=5WWPV-qcPKTv8weBiZygBQ&gws_rd=ssl” gfe – Google Front-End rd – …

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