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Here Comes the Turing Phone Which is “Unbreakable And Unhackble

Engineers have developed a unique smartphone that is unhackable and built from a special metal that is even stronger than titanium and steel.

Yes turning phone claims to be unbreakable, unhackable , and also waterproof isn’t it amazing


Q. Why it is unbreakable?

Liquidmorphium is stronger than steel or aluminum, more efficient to use in manufacturing, and apparently the next big thing in phones. Turing won’t market the phone this way, but the phone is designed with security very much in mind. End-to-end encryption is built into most of the core apps on the phone. It even has a “Turing coin” inside, a cryptocurrency Chao hopes will catch on—if he does, he laughs, your phone could literally appreciate in value after you buy it. It’s all activated through a fingerprint reader on the side of the phone, and is made to keep servers and third parties out of your business as much as possible (the company is working on an API to let other people access all these features). In short: The Turing Phone is meant to be completely and utterly unhackable.
Unbreakable, too. It’s made of a material called liquidmorphium. (I’m telling you, this is a Marvel comic waiting to happen.) Liquidmorphium is stronger than steel or aluminum, more efficient to use in manufacturing, and apparently the next big thing in phones. Apple uses it a bit, Chao says, but only in the SIM card slot on the iPhone—though he says the iPhone 7 could make much more use of the material.



Android OS v5.1 (Lollipop)

Turing Æmæth UI
Chipset MSM8974AC Quad Krait 2.5GHz
Turing Imitation Key™ Chipset Krypto TIK8217 (8GB storage)
EMMC 16GB/64GB/128GB storage
WiFi 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Turing-Unique-Identification X-RFID
Liquidmorphium™ Frame
Dimensions 151.80 x 77.10 x 9.05 mm
Corning Gorilla Glass IV
Binnacle Ocean Master™ IPx8 water proof
Liquidmorphium™ Speaker




5.5 inches FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Primary 13 MP HDR Dual Flash
Secondary 8 MP HDR
Gyro / Compass
Proximity / Light
Temperature / Humidity
Non-removable 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery
Wallaby Magstream™
Turing Phone™
Turing Gaming Bluetooth Earphone
Turing Imitation Key™ USB Key Krypto TIK8215
Wallaby Magstream™ power cable and adaptor
Quick-start guide
Warranty, Safety and Regulatory booklet

Unique features


Unique software features

In an effort to keep the Turing Phone experience truly private, the phone maker has decided to also take a whole different take on the Android OS. For starters, there is a 2-step verification to keep anyone from accessing your device. One would need to use the fingerprint reader, as well as inputting an on-screen code.
We can’t tell you too much about the actual software, as Turing Robotic Industries had nothing but some prototypes. A design language that could be appealing to some is present, but not finalized. The manufacturer tells us the UI will change once the phone is released, but we did get to see a bit of the current software state, which might be similar to what we see once the phone hits the streets.

Needless to say the interface looks completely different to what we are used to. You can swipe between home screens and pages by sliding your digit left and right. And it’s possible to swipe halfway to access certain settings and action buttons, making for a very convenient shortcut area that doesn’t waste space at all times. I have to say it does look very sleek, and it’s refreshing to see someone giving Android a unique look. It has no usb port as there is a specific software that allows the user to share the files between the phone and the pc via Wifi. Do Visit the official page of Turning phone www.Turingphone.com 

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