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Sign the petition and save creator of kat.cr- kickasstorrent.website

The game of whack-a-mole continues. Less than 24 hours after being taken down in an international sting operation, Kickass Torrents (KAT) is back—well, sort of. The popular torrent link site isoHunt has created a mirror for KAT at KickassTorrents.website.

According to a Venture Beat report, the KAT mirror is hosting files from about the last year and a half or so, giving people just enough time to archive anything they didn’t have time to save. Although the links should still work, there are no forums on the mirror—one of the biggest draws to the original KAT website.

The original KickassTorrents website went down yesterday after the U.S. Government arrested its founder Artem Vaulin and seized its domains. He was accused of multiple criminal and copyright infringement charges.

The IP address logs were analyzed to conclude that the same IP was used to operate the KAT’s Facebook page, for which the data was provided by Facebook. It’s quite ironical to hear that the founder of the world’s largest pirated content hosting website was arrested by tracking the legal purchases by him. This time, the security agencies nailed it.

The future of KickAss Torrents seems to be dicey at the current point of time, even though, it has made a come back with a new name. The Homeland Security department is working hard to shake the roots of the largest pirate den on the planet.

Read the complete complaint filed against Tirm in this PDF file.

Now, in less than 24 hours of the 30-year-old founder’s arrest, the website is back as a simple mirror of the original website.

Soon after its launch, a new KickassTorrent alternative appeared in the wild in the form of dxtorrent.com. It looked and worked just like KAT, the world’s most popular torrent website.

The resurrected website features a similar domain name–kickasstorrents.website–and an identical design.

This has been made possible by an IsoHunt member. If you remember, IsoHunt was also responsible for the revival for The Pirate Bay. However, the KAT mirror’s functionalities are limited.

Telling more about the KickassTorrents mirror, a member of IsoHunt says:

“It’s not perfect but if users need to save and archive something it’s time,” the IsoHunt team said. “We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something.”

The IsoHunt team is a part of the group that supports KAT founder and shows a manifesto on the website. IsoHunt calls the arrest of Vaulin another attack on freedom and rights of the internet users all across the world.  IsoHunt also urges people to sign petitions on change.org and whitehouse.gov.

This new development proves that torrent websites aren’t going to stop and the nature of torrent files gives them freedom to be hosted anywhere. Banning and seizing torrent websites’ domain has become a repetitive exercise that doesn’t prove anything.

This isn’t the first time the team at isoHunt has come to the rescue of the pirating community, either. Back in December 2014, isoHunt created a mirror of The Pirate Bay, another popular torrenting site, after it was taken down following a police raid in Sweden. The Pirate Bay mirror was practically identical to the original Pirate Bay website, and the mirror even hosted new content.


The KAT mirror won’t be anywhere near as robust. “We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something,” the isoHunt team said in a statement that pops up on the newly created mirror site.

The isoHunt team is encouraging pirates to rally around KickassTorrents creator Artem Vaulin by signing this petition on Change.org. The likelihood that the petition will be enough to save Vaulin is slim, but if the petition reaches more than 100,000 signatures in 30 days, the US government will likely release an official response. Before you sign the petition, you should remember that you’re basically identifying yourself as a piracy sympathizer—so think long and hard before you sign your name on something you know the Feds will be watching.

The same situation is prevalent in the Torrents space. As one website gets shut down, others come up in their place simply due to the fact there is a high demand for pirated/free content and there are enough people willing to supply it. Shutting down a torrent website may slow the traffic down for a few days, but the network builds itself back up in no time as KickAssTorrents case shows.

The piraters are giving a strong message if you bring down one torrent domain. we will bring two torrent up.

to the petition :- change.org

to the petition :- petitions.whitehouse.gov

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