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Airtel Broadband trick…


Ever tried to hack your broadband for speed? and failed to do! well,

Here is a trick how you can activate your airtel broadband to lower and better plans(hidden plans) which are not available for public!

IMP : you should be a old customer( 3 months at-least)

Step 1: Call to airtel toll free number 1800-103-0121.

Step 2: Enter your fixed line number or account number.

Step 3: Once your call gets connected to the customer care. Just tell them that you want to deactivate your broadband, they will transfer the call to the cancellation department… once you get connected to them they will ask you for the reason just tell them the plans are too pricey! they may try to divert you… but stick on to your words.. Now they start to reveal the hidden plans… (725\- 25gb 2mbps unlimited (or) 625\- 1mpbs unlimited… etc )

If you are lucky enough they will also give you 100 rs off on your hidden plan

Step 4: Once your plan gets activated.. you will receive a mail to your registered account.



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