We all use internet daily but did anyone know about DNS and how it works?

Q.What is DNS?

 DNS stands for Domain Name System is used to as the medium to translate domain names to their respective IP addresses when a client initiates a request query. DNS stores the database of all the domain names and their IP addresses which are registered on the network.

Q.How it works?

To understand the basic working of DNS, let me guide you with an example of a Office. Let us assume, you need to visit your friend at Office . Now, what will you do? You’ll reach the Office reception and ask the receptionist for floor and table number of your friend. In order to do so, you’ll need to tell the name of your friend to the receptionist, who’ll check the same in her database and satisfy you with the floor number of your friend. She’ll also call your friend to confirm whether he is available or not.

Now, try to relate the example to working of DNS. In this case, you’re the client sending a request to a DNS server, the receptionist, and your friend’s name is the domain name and his floor number is his IP address.

The receptionist will type your friend’s name in her computer containing the database of all the employees, Which is nothing but the Domain Name Space, if your friend is staying in the office she’ll tell you the floor number, otherwise not. Similar thing happens, when you type the website name in your browser, the browser sends a request to the DNS server, if the website domain name is registered in the database with the DNS, then it’ll reply you with the IP address of the website you are trying to access, which is something like

i know it all gets complicated when you see the inner part of the advanced technology

DNS server is nothing but communication between you and the website you want to visit, Basically when you enter a domain name for eg: www.pantomath.xyz  as soon as you hit the domain name in the url .DNS search for the Domain ip address of the website and look for root folder of the website.If DNS successfully finds the Domain ip address and root of the domain with in fraction of seconds you will see the website.if not you will not able view the website.


Q.How DNS method was brought?

The origins of DNS date back to the time of ARPANET, when there were only a few computers to get an entry in the database. A HOSTS.TXT file was maintained by Stanford Research Institute, which constituted the data of all the machines, and was copied by all the host machines to remain updated.

 Jon Postel from the Information Sciences Institute requested Paul Mockapetris to design the very first implementation of DNS, at the University of California, Irvine, in 1983. Then in 1984, BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) was created by four students, Douglas Terry, Mark Painter, David Riggle, Songnian Zhou, for Unix machines. After some revisions made in 1985 by Kevin Dunlap, it was later ported to Windows machines, and is still the most widely used DNS on the planet.

Q.What is DNS cache?

The DNS server temporarily stores the request queries in the form of Cache, so as to reduce the response time if any other DNS resolver requests the same query. The time for which the Cache information remains valid is called TTL (Time To Live), is set by the administrator for each query record stored in the cache.

Popular DNS servers:(To speed up the internet)

Google’s Public DNS: The search giant has set-up some serious high-grade DNS servers capable of handling millions of requests at any given moment. And they’re absolutely free to use like Google’s other services. You can configure your machine to use the following DNS addresses: and

OpenDNS: This is a private company which provides safe and reliable DNS server for free. Just configure the following addresses on your machine: and

Steps to change your DNS server to speed up the internet:

1.Right click on your network

2. Open Network and sharing center

3.click on your connections ie (your network)

4.click on properties

5.Down below Just go to Internet protocol version (TCP/IPV4)

6.check mark use the following DNS server and enter the above dns server ie alternate dns server

7.click save and exit

Watch this video about DNS Perfectly explained how it works:

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