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A Dark Web hacker is offering services to track humans anywhere in the world for 50$ to 300$

tracking system is used for the observing of persons or objects on the move and supplying a timely ordered sequence of location data for further processing.

There are myriad tracking systems. Some are ‘lag time’ indicators, that is, the data is collected after an item has passed a point for example a bar code or choke point or gate. Others are ‘real-time’ or ‘near real-time’ like Global Positioning Systems depending on how often the data is refreshed.

Would you not like to track the traveling patterns of your friends or foes if given a chance? Of course, you would. A majority of us would want to find out where someone traveled to such as the destination planned for next trip or where the person has flown, etc. Now, a person is selling this service on the Dark Web.

According to reports, a Russian hacker using the Id Abridk is providing the service of tracking someone across the globe and claims that he is capable of tracking all sorts of information about a person including tax records, international flight data, and Interpol searches. The service is available for tracking extensive travel databases to get the required information.

“I will provide information on the movement of people across the Russian Federation and, in many cases, beyond its borders,” the hacker posted on a Russian crime forum reported Daily Beast.

The service although is a cheap way of invading someone’s privacy but it highlights a glaring flaw in the way systems at law enforcement and other institutions work. The way this cybercrook is confidently offering critically sensitive information like tax records and Interpol searches shows that he must be having corrupt contacts within the government or law enforcement bodies to acquire this sort of sensitive data or they might be someone working for law enforcement agencies with access to sensitive data.

In the post, Abrisk revealed the extensiveness of information he can provide interested people and also bragged about various Happy Customers: “In many cases, it is really possible to get a list of passengers on a flight/car,” stated Abrisk. “My order was executed quickly and clearly. Communication, briefly and on business. Extremely positive impressions!” wrote one of the satisfied customers.

The hacker would need the name and date of birth of the individual whom you need to track while in some cases he might ask for passport numbers. Once all the required information is provided, Abrisk promises to deliver data within three to four days and if possible within minutes as well. He can even provide information whether the law enforcement is hunting a particular person or not so that the criminal could dodge police.

The cost of this service varies between $50 and $300, but some information may be expensive.

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