It’s amazing how fast a single keystroke or mouse click can change your life. One false move, and bang! An hour’s, day’s, or even lifetime’s work can slip away into digital world. But not everything that disappears is lost forever. These tips will help you recover the Deleted files, from files long ago removed from the Recycle Bin, to hard drives.

While I can’t guarantee that your accidentally deleted file can be recovered, there’s a good chance it can be, especially if it hasn’t been too long since it’s been deleted.

Files that get deleted aren’t usually truly deleted but are instead just hidden, waiting to be overwritten by something else.

You can take advantage of this fact and recover deleted files you want back.

(NOTE: The deleted files will be still remaining in your hard drive until you decided to wipe free space of the drive,if you did not wipe the driver then there is 100% chance of getting your file back)

Follow the steps below, in order, to maximize your chances of recovering deleted files from your device:

There are many different ways you could recover files from your PC even when deleted from Recycle bin. You just need to install some software’s which could fetch the deleted data also. Below are some of the Recovery software which could help you recovers your data easily.

1. Recuva(Free)


Recuva is one of the most popular and powerful Window’s recovery tool. It has a user friendly interface and has many good features like restoring unsaved word files, restoring files from computer, deleting files which can never be recovered by any recovery tool and much more features.

Recovering process is very easy and the software is also very easy to use. You just need to open the software and mark the files which you need to restore and then click on the restore button. That’s all. Click here to download  Recuva

2. Pandora Recovery(Free)


Pandora recovery is also one of the best hard drive recovery tool for recovering files. It helps to recover deleted files from hard drive, USB, Network drives etc. This tool is considered the best because of following features :

Browse, Search, Preview and Recover deleted files.
Recover Archived, Hidden, Encrypted, Compressed files.
Recover Images, Documents, Movies, or any other type of files.
Recover to Local Hard Drive, Network Drive, or Flash Drive.

Click here to Download Pandorarecovery

3. Test Disk(Free)


This is a free tool that helps to recover lost partition. You need to be careful for using this and better to use on screen instructions while using it. It has the following features:-

Fix partition table, recover deleted partition.
Rebuild NTFS boot sector.
Undelete files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 file system.
Recover NTFS boot sector.

Click here to Download TestDisk Data Recovery

4. OneTrack easy recovery pro(paid)

download (2)

Keep in mind that the product name includes the word “Professional,” meaning that this is a high-powered tool for people who know what they’re doing. If you’re reading this review, you’ll probably know how to use it, but if your tech-challenged uncle asks for a file-recovery tool, be prepared to do the recovery job for him. By default EasyRecovery Professional insists on making a time-consuming “deep” scan of any drive that you try to recover data from.

Rival packages prominently offer a “quick recovery” option that can’t find nearly as many files as the deep-scan option, and, in my tests, never produced any useful results. Ontrack hides its quick-scan option deep in a menu where you’re not likely to find it. The total effect seems less quick and convenient than rival products, but you’ll probably get better results in the end. The demo version is free; if the demo version shows that the progrma can recover your list files, order an activation code online and convert it to the full version, which is what you’ll need to complete the recovery.

Click here to Download OneTrack easy recovery

5. GetDataBack (paid)


Before i introduce about GetDataBack lets me explain how it works and why is mostly used for

Get data back is very well used for recover NTFS Volume

What is NTFS(New Technology File System)

NTFS supersedes the FAT file system as the preferred file system for Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. NTFS has several improvements over FAT and HPFS (High Performance File System) such as improved support for metadata and the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability, and disk space utilization, plus additional extensions such as security access control lists (ACL) and file system journaling. NTFS has become more and more popular. However, data loss issues from NTFS partitions are also have a rapid rise even if you take every precaution to avoid it. Having said that

Do you think it’s difficult to get data back from NTFS partition because of the advantages of NTFS file system? Nowadays it’s quite easy to achieve the aim with NTFS hard drive recovery software. Many professional Data Recovery Software can get data back for NTFS. Millions of search results will appear if you google “get data back for NTFS”. After a long time seeking and experience, I recommend you a free NTFS data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to get data back from NTFS can download a trail version of this software Click here to download Get data back



These were the top software’s which you could use to recover your permanently deleted files. Hope you liked this article.

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