How do i fix unbrick an Hard Bricked Device?

This guide will help you unbrick coolpad cool 1 device.

Exactly one month after have successfully unbricked my coolpad cool 1 device as you’re here you don’t find any difficulties unbricking your phones.

Most people use the term “bricked” improperly. A bricked phone means one thing: your phone won’t turn on in any way, shape or form, and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. It is, for all intents and purposes, as useful as a brick. A phone stuck in a boot loop is not bricked, nor is a phone that boots straight into recovery mode. These are things you can usually fix, and they’re a lot more common than a truly bricked phone. If your phone is actually bricked, you won’t be able to fix it yourself  You can fix it if it’s a Qualcomm snapdragon chipset. Basically Qualcomm devices are unbrickable even if it’s bricked by your real intentions to brick you can get back and save few bucks rather than buying a new phone.

Some knowledge to the new users if you have bricked your phone for the first time. 

There are basically two types of bricking

1 SOFT brick
2 Hard brick

1: Soft brick

A soft brick, is usually just when you’re phone is stuck in a bootloop, and as the name implies, is caused by a software error, usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot. They are easily fixable by reflashing your ROM in recovery.

2: Hard brick

Hard brick is the state of android device that occurs when your device is unbootable without a bootloop. A hard Brick device generally show little to no signs of life. If this happens, you had better to buy a new device since your device is showing you a black or grey screen at this point.

So take a case you flashed new ROM or you have rooted your device or tried to install XPOSED or a audio or any MOD to your ROM and after flashing via TWRP/CWM/any other recovery then reboot your device its stuck in Bootanimation doesn’t boot at all stuck at boot animation (wait for 15mins to confirm ) then we can term it as soft brick there are three ways of fixing it.

Dirty flashing rom i.e. just flash the zip of your current rom thats it your successfully recovered from soft brick. Cheers

Clean flashing rom : this is way recommend for sure result we clean data dalvik cache system and then flash the rom boot it voila done.

Recovering nandroid backup [if backed-up] pretty simple step just hit restore thats it.

Now take case 2 if you had hard bricked you’re android device it can’t go into recovery or fastboot follow the guide.

NOTE: Always take backup do it even if you don’t like because EFS file system all you’re IMEI number are unique and must needed to get back you phone in working condition if something goes wrong. 

In my case the phone was bricked while upgrading to JUI manually and downgrading to EUI. If you had bricked you’re device any way follow this steps carefully.

First find out the level of the brick, We know it’s an hard brick but an what level?

  1. Light Hard brick  : Light hard brick is defined as a hard brick where you can see the led lights glowing when connected to the PC, or the Phone gets detected as Qualcomm QDLoader mode 9008 under COM ports in you’re device manager. In a nutshell if you connect your phone to computer and the phone gets detected in as any device just click on update device manually and install the Qualcomm QDLoader mode 9008 driver manually. If you’re here I’m 100% sure you’re device will be back in working condition.
  2. Medium Hard Brick: Medium hard brick is defines as a hard brick where your phone doesn’t gets detected when you connect to your computer or the phone leds doesn’t glow. In this case we should make the device as Light Hard brick to do that. Watch this video. I have tried it personally and it works for sure. 
  3. Heavy Hard Brick: Congratulations You basically doomed you’re phone. but don’t give up yet, You can try one last method before thwrowing your device in garbage :P. Now you have two options Play dumb and give to service center under warranty if your not under warranty RIP you’re phone apart and do the process carefully.

Heavy Hard Bricked device can be restored if you carefully deal with it. If this following process doesn’t work just sell the display of your phone to other for cheap price.

      • You need to carefully remove the display with of Hot air gun at 100-120 degrees. Be careful display is very sensitive and may break if handled improperly or in a hurry.  Watch this video to know how to remove it.

      • Then remove protective housing on the board make sure you remove all the bolts and mark their position to bolt them back.

        • It is necessary to carefully disconnect from the battery so that the phone is completely turned off. And then it will be easy to remove

      • 4) gently leave the contact with the board so that the board rotates on the reverse side and there is a testpoint (where a red sign is marked)

      • 5) First, without a battery and a cable, you need to keep it short-circuited where the test point is and plug it in a couple of seconds and it will appear in QDLoader mode 9008.
      • I am not responsible for any damage or damage to the device.

Now your phone should be detected in Qualcomm Qloader mode 9008. If it’s not detected by the led is glowing. Just connect the device to computer press volume down + volume up + power button same time. Keep pressing those buttons untill Red Led light blinks for 3 times.

If device gets detected as any other driver. Just download Qualcomm drivers from here and update the driver manually.

Flashing the Stock rom from QPST/QFIL software and bring back phone back to life.

  1. Install QPST software
  2. Flash the rom
  3. Start the device using power button (100% it will work and start hard bricked my device two times already 😛 )

Note: I have seen people on youtube follow my guide posts and do a video as per my instructions and make money. I realized this when my rooting post was copied from an youtuber and made many views. It’s really frustrating!!!.

Hence to download the Flashable ROM just comment you’re email id on the comment section or Personal message me on Facebook I will share you the link.

The Rom is 1.6GB  size when compressed as zip and 3.4GB as when extracted. After downloading the ROM extract it flash it as per this rooting guide same way.

  • Open QFIL select the port which was detected as Qloader 9008,
  • Select flat build as build type path
  • Select Programmer path
  • Load RawProgram
  • Load Patch
  • Hit Download (The phone write the rom to the device and takes more or less 3 to 5 minutes depending on the read/write speed of the device)
  • It should display “Download Success” message after completion. If not follow my rooting guide to install drivers properly. If every is correct still the rom is not getting flashed to device personal message me for other alternatives.

By now you’re device should be back to life and I can’t guarantee that evey thing works. I had to face problems like IMEI number null and Baseband version Null.

If you had backup. No problem just restore the backup

To fix IMEI Personal message me. It works 100% without any problem you need few files and few partition files. When your device was hardbricked and brought back to life the EFS file system will be corrupted and there is a way to fix it. I don’t have time to do a separate post about it. Just contact me through comments or on facebook.

IMEI can be fixed by having stock rom and root permissions with the help of IMEI builder and qcn files.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damage caused to your device

Proof of Concept :


  1. Hello,
    thanks a useful article, and by the way I would like to ask for the following:

    What does the “persist” partition do? In TWRP I still have a message that I can not mount this partition … I tried to mount it in TWRP manually and I can not do it … How to restore everything to be ok?

    • Persist is Ext4 file system partition mounted at /persist location. it has data, display, drm, hlos_rfs,lost+found,rfs and sensors directories,

      Basically it consists of DRM related information, Bluetooth, Graphics, WIFI, Sensors, Mac Address information. with different directories with different user and group’s read/write permissions.

      I think you cannot mount the partition because the “Partition.img” file in the .CPB Stock rom file or the extracted file from CPB to flash from QFIL is corrupted & didn’t flash properly when you flashed the stock rom.
      There are there possible ways to fix this problem as i know. (Take a backup before doing anything)

      1. Format data in TWRP, Formatting data will stop encryption and you could mount system and internal storage in TWRP.
      2. flash the stock rom again if it didn’t work flash modified rom
        3.Extract the Persist.img file and copy it in the persist directory with suitable proper file permissions
  2. Thanks, I solved this by issuing the following command in the terminal available in TWRP, and I found a solution in the xda forum:

    Type following command in twrp terminal ,
    (Do at your own risk,make sure to do backup before proceeding)(this method works for me so I’m writing you)

    make_ext4fs /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist

  3. thank u very much for thelink , but i have a problem that the phone does not complete the installation .
    i hope you can help me if you know how to fix the problem

    Download Fail:FireHose Fail FireHose Fail:Attemped to divide by zero. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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