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Linux best for Hacking

Why Linux machine is used for hacking?

However the very reasons the hackers like Linux are the same reasons more folks are installing it on their own systems today. The ability to look at each and every line of Linux code, and patch it when problems arise, means that Linux can be secured not just by a few programmers locked away in some corporate headquarters, but by any user at any time

What Makes Linux Machine best for Hacking?

Millions of lines of code have been written for Linux applications and libraries, usually in an extremely modular manner, which allows it to be integrated into widely diverse projects.

The power and flexibility of Linux makes it the hacker’s playground. They use it, learn it, and understand it intimately. And that means that if there’s an insecurity, they’re going to find it.

Why Do Hackers use LINUX?

1 : Low cost: You don’t need to spend time and money to obtain licenses since Linux and much of its software come with the GNU General Public License.

2 : Stability : It doesn’t freeze up or slow down over time due to memory leaks and such. Continuous up-times of hundreds of days (up to a year or more) are not uncommon.

3 : Network friendliness : Linux was developed by a group of programmers over the Internet and has therefore strong support for network functionality; client and server systems can be easily set up on any computer running Linux. It can perform tasks such as network backups faster and more reliably than alternative systems.

4 : Flexibility : Linux can be used for high performance server applications, desktop applications, and embedded systems.

5 : Compatibility : It runs all common Unix software packages and can process all common file formats.

6 : Full use of hard disk : Linux continues work well even when the hard disk is almost full.

7 : Multitasking : Linux is designed to do many things at the same time; e.g., a large printing job in the background won’t slow down your other work.

8 : Open Source : If you develop software that requires knowledge or modification of the operating system code, Linux’s source code is at your fingertips. Most Linux applications are Open Source as well.

9 : Fast and easy installation: Most Linux distributions come with user-friendly installation and setup programs. Popular Linux distributions come with tools that make installation of additional software very user friendly as well.

Linux Is Open Source

Unlike Windows, Linux is open source. What that means for us is that the source code of the operating system is available to us. As such, we can change and manipulate it as we please.

Think of it this way. Could you imagine Microsoft giving us a plug-in/MMC or whatever to manipulate or change the kernel of Windows for hacking? Of course NOT!

Linux Is Transparent

To hack effectively, you must know and understand your operating system and to a large extent, the operating system you are attacking. Linux is totally transparent, meaning we can see and manipulate all its working parts.

Not so with Windows. Microsoft tries hard to make it as difficult or impossible to know the inner workings of their operating systems. As a result, when working with Windows you are working with “shadows” of what you think is going on under the hood, whereas in Linux you have a “spotlight” shining directly at at each and every component of the operating system. It goes without saying, I think, this makes working with Linux more efficient and effective.

Linux Offers Granular Control

Linux is granular. That means that we have almost infinite amount of control over the system. In Windows, you only can control what Microsoft allows you to control. In addition, Linux makes scripting in any of the scripting languages simple and effective.

Most Hacking Tools Are Written for Linux

Most of the hacking tools like metasploit, airmon-ng, reaver etc are written in python those hacking tools are open source and any one of you can understand how this tools work in  real time.

The Future Belongs to Linux/UNIX

This might seem like radical statement, but I firmly believe that the future belongs to Linux/Unix. Microsoft has had its day in the 1980s and ’90s, but its growth is slowing and stagnating.

From the beginning of the Internet, Linux/UNIX has been the operating system of choice for web servers for its stability, reliability and robustness. Even today, Linux/UNIX dominates the world of web servers with well over two-thirds of the market.

Why Should we use Linux?

1. Linux is free of charge and in case you still doubt, then know that it is.

2.Linux is more secure than any other server

3. It has a wide compatibility to several hardware

4. Easy to Operate

5. It comes inclusive of drivers

6. Smooth and easy Updating Process

7. Linux is speedy

8. Linux has a community support

9. Linux features a powerful word processing program

10. Linux offers you a chance to download a lot of free tools

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