• Swami Vivekananda was poor in academics.No wonders why his family was reduced to such poverty state, he being unemployed for such long time. He even used to smoke cheroot in front of elders.


  • The great figure who toured America and England and was known for his brilliant eloquence scored only a 47% at the university entrance level examination, a 46% in the FA (later this exam became Intermediate Arts or IA), and a 56% in his BA exam.


  • After his father’s death, the family was reduced to poverty. On many mornings Vivekananda would tell his mother that he had lunch invitations and he would go out so the others would get a larger share. He writes, “On such days, I had very little to eat, sometimes nothing at all. I was too proud to tell anyone…”


  • In spite of his BA degree, Narendranath (Vivekananda’s real name) had to go from door to door in search of employment. He would loudly proclaim, “I am unemployed” to those who asked him. His faith in god shook and he began to tell people rather aggressively that God does not exist. One neighbor complained, “There is a young fellow living in that house. I have never seen such a conceited fellow! He is too big for his boots – and all because he has a BA degree! When he sings, he even strikes the table arrogantly and struts around smoking cheroot before all the elders…”6
  • He simply worshiped his mother. After his Chicago fame, when Pratap Mazoomdar viciously condemned him, “He is nothing but a cheat and a fraud. He comes here to tell you that he is a fakir,” Vivekananda responded in a letter to Isabelle McKindley – “Now, I do not care what they even my own people say about me – except for one thing. I have an old mother. She has suffered much in her life and in the midst of all she could bear to give me up for the service of God and man; but to have given up the most beloved of her children – her hope – to live a beastly immoral life in a far-distant country, as Mazoomdar was telling in Calcutta, would have simply killed her.”


  • No women, not even his mother, were allowed inside the monastery. Once when he was delirious with fever his disciples fetched his mother. Seeing her Vivekananda shouted, “Why did you allow a woman to come in? I was the one who made the rule and it is for me that the rule is being broken!”


  • Vivekananda was a connoisseur of tea. In those days when the Hindu pandits were opposed to drinking tea, he introduced tea into his monastery. Bally municipality increased taxes on Belur on the grounds that it was a ‘private garden house’ where tea was served. Vivekananda sued the municipality in Chinsurah Zilla District Court. The British magistrate came on horseback to investigate. Now, who can beat the British at tea drinking? The charges were dismissed.


  • Towards the end of his brief life he advised his disciples, “Learn from my experiences. Don’t be so hard on your body and ruin your health. I have harmed mine. I have tortured it severely, and what has been the result? My body has become ruined during the best years of my life! And I am still paying for it.” When one of his disciples asked him why he ignored his health, he replied he had no sense he has a body when he was in America.


  • Vivekananda hated cowards. He writes to John P. Fox, “I like boldness and adventure and my race stands in need of that spirit very much…my health is failing and I do not expect to live long.”


  • Swamiji predicted his death. He said that he would not live beyond 40 years of age. He died at the age of 39. He also said during his last days that India would achieve freedom in 50 years’ time.So did it happen.But his death has been a cause of mystery to some. As his disciples would say that he attained mahasamadhi but he was found to have died by rupturing brain blood vessels. His disciples said mahasamadhi can only be attained by piercing Brahmarandhra-the aperture in the crown of the head.


  • In 1900 two years before his death when he arrived in India from the West for the last time, he hurried to Belur to be with his disciples or gurubhais. He heard the dinner gong but found the gate locked. He climbed over it and quickly made his way to the dining area to eat his favorite dish khichuri. No one suspected his rapidly failing health.

source : http://hinduism.about.com and http://hindutva.info


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