Finished Installing Fedora Workstation 25? Must things to do after installing fedora

Fedora Project, proudly announced the  Fedora 25 Final Release Public Availability (GA) version on November 22, 2016, Now it is available to Download and Install it on your machines. we can Download fedora 25 from their official site.

Earlier, the Fedora Project had decided November 8 as the launch date for Fedora 25 Final Release. However, due to some major changes coming to the operating system, the developers had to delay the date.

Looking at the Fedora 25 Release Schedule page, it looks like the Fedora 25 Final Release will arrive on November 15.

The Alpha Release is expected to arrive on August 30, followed by the Beta Release on October 11. Just before the Final Release, Fedora 25 is expected to enter the Final Freeze on November 1.

Here the Top Things you should do after installing the Fedora 25

1.dnf install java openjdk icedtae-web

Installing Java tools and plugins. Java plugin allows to applets written in java programming language to run on various browsers. IcedTea-web is java plugin by Redhat. the IcedTea-web plugin requires java.
We can install it by using the following command.

2.dnf -y install gnome-tweak-tool

Gnome Tweak Tool allows to modify different Advanced features of Gnome Theme like Buttons, icons, Menu and title Bar etc.

3. hostnamectl status 

to check your current hostname and type the following command to change your hostname of your server

hostnamectl set-hostname –static “Pantomath”

4.dnf install unzip

Instal the unzip file extractor and compressor. unzip helps in compressing or decompressingthe files.

5.dnf install gimp 

GIMP is a small, yet powerful image manipulation software. You can use GIMP to edit your images or in a paint like style. Either way this is a useful tool, that you will want in your collection of programs.

6.yum install mariadb mariadb-server 

Mariadb is and sql server you can also install mysql if your familiar with mysql. To install mysql type “yum install mysql-community-server” before that you need to add the respository.

7. yum install phpmyadmin 

phpmyadmin is a free and open source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL or MariaDB with the use of a web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements; or managing users and permissions.

8. yum install openssh

open ssh is is a suite of security-related network-level utilities based on the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, which help to secure network communications via the encryption of network traffic over multiple authentication methods and by providing secure tunneling capabilities

9.dnf install pidgin

Pidgin is a chat client that supports multiple social accounts. You can use it to easily interact with your friends, family or co-workers. The installation of Pidgin in Fedora is fairly easy.

10.dnf install wine

Wine is a software meant to help you run Windows applications under Linux. While not all applications may run is expected, this is a useful tool if you need to run a Windows program under Fedora.

The above points should be enough to add some flavour to your Fedora Workstation without having too much bloatware. If you think we have missed something or would like us to add further explanation, please use the comment section below.



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