Tired of Switching Sims? Here Comes the virtual sim phones

Yes. You Heard it right Apple and Samsung planning to produce esim (virtual sim) phones. 

Q.What is a SIM card?

In order to communicate, our smartphone must first authenticate to then have access to certain services. Currently, these procedures are carried out by USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module), abbreviated with SIM, which runs protocols Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA).

SIM technology is then integrated into an Integrated Circuit Card (ICC), or the SIM Card that we know. Then of course there are the cards of various sizes, in particular Apple adopts the format micro-SIM for iPhone 4/4S and the nano-SIM for iPhone 5.

Q.What are virtual SIM?

If over the years the small chip has reduced its size in the future will have its reason to exist physically. The search is in fact aimed at virtualization operation of the SIM inside of software that is executed by the mobile device of the client. The virtualization of SIM could reduce the size of the device and increase the flexibility and functionality.

Q.How does it work?

T-Mobile is making it easy for innovative companies to embrace the M2M revolution. T-Mobile M2M enables always-on connectivity for products and services through T-Mobile’s nationwide network and international partners. Companies can build eSIM into an assortment of connected product categories including connected car and navigation, mobile health and wearables, among others. Think of a cloud-connected smart watch or fitness band that’s no longer restrained by borders.

Changing your phone plan between different carriers is a mammoth task these days. All those requests, applications, and SIM card replacements are just too much. But, in near future, this could be a thing of past, and switching your carrier will be a lot easier. This may happen as Samsung and Apple are working to make the SIM card disappear.

Apple and Samsung are working with the GSM Association, the representative body of all cellphone makers across the world, to make a standard SIM card that will remain embedded in your phone. This will make switching between the carriers easy. This embedded SIM card is being called e-SIM.
The SIM cards being used today are provided your network service provider. It’s a small plastic piece that stores your phone number, data plan info and identifies your device to your service provider. The new e-SIM will allow your phone to switch between your service providers easily. As I’ve called it “the SIM card that will disappear”, this SIM will be out of your reach.

World’s two biggest names in the smartphone industry are in “advanced talks” about the launch of these e-SIM cards, according to the Financial Times. These standards are expected to be finalized in 2016.

BlackBerry Wants to Provide 9 Numbers on Single SIM

The GSM Association tells that e-SIM card is gaining a widespread support from the carrier community. It has already got the support of AT&T, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat and Hutchison Whampoa.

Apple has been trying to make the SIM disappear for a long time, and it looks like this is it. The new e-SIM cards sound similar to Apple SIM, which was launched by the iPad maker earlier this year. It was available for the cellular version of iPad Air 2 and worked with multiple carriers.

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